15" XGA TFT LCD Celeron® M Fanless Industrial Panel PC with 2 x PCI Slots
Main Features
*       无风扇冷却系统
*       15" XGA TFT LCD,带触摸屏
*       Intel Celeron M ULV 1 GHz / 512KB L2 处理器
*       1 GB DDR2 SDRAM系统内存
*       24VDC电源输入
*       提供2PCI插槽
*       双网口,支持1个千兆网口
*       前端USB接口,系统重置功能
*       全平面前面板
*       控制盒采用鸥翼设计,方便元件安装和维护
*       前面板达到NEMA4/IP65防护标准
*       铝制前面板

The IPPC-6152F is an Industrial Panel PC with front USB access, supports Celeron M ULV 1 GHz, 1 GB DDR2 memory, one CompactFlash slot and two PCI expansion slots. The flat-sealed front panel design for easier cleaning and liquid run off. Also the control box has the gull-wing design for easy components installation and maintenance. The design of fanless cooling system and spindle-free storage makes IPPC-6152F a durable and reliable platform. A fast-access SATA HDD is option. Two PCI slots meets diverse requests.


  • AWS-8129H
  • AWS-8248V
  • AWS-8259
  • IPPC-6152F
  • FPM-3060G
  • PWR-246E
  • 研华WebOP-2080T人机界面
  • WebOP-3000T系列
  • TPC-66SN


  • AWS-8129H
  • AWS-8248V
  • AWS-8259
  • IPPC-6152F
  • PPC-1261
  • PPC-1005
  • PPC-1561
  • PDS-1502
  • PDS-1202
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