POWER SUPPLY, Indu. DC to DC Converter w/24-48VDC Power Input
Main Features
*       Robust design with stainless steel chassis
*       Great reliability
*       Efficiency: 80% typical at full load
*       Compact-Economical
*       Supports all Advantech Flat Panel Monitors
*       Meets CE, FCC, CB, & CCC Certifications
*       RoHS Compliant
PWR-246E is an Industrial DC to DC converter specifically designed for FPM applications which require a DC input power source. Users can change the standard AC power input adapter to DC without making changes to the existing panel. It has same mounting dimensions as the AC adapter bracket, and also allows users to change from AC to DC easy. Additionally, the whole chassis is stainless steel.


  • AWS-8129H
  • AWS-8248V
  • AWS-8259
  • IPPC-6152F
  • FPM-3060G
  • PWR-246E
  • 研华WebOP-2080T人机界面
  • WebOP-3000T系列
  • TPC-66SN


  • FPM-3060G
  • PWR-246E
  • CP400系列
  • FPM-5171G
  • FPM-3171S
  • FPM-3171G
  • FPM-8151H
  • FPM-5151G
  • FPM-3151G
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